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Clear View Pressure Wash provides wide range of solutions to address your pressure washing needs for commercial property.

Concrete Cleaning

Customers interact with your concrete everyday. Customers park their cars and walk on your sidewalks. Clean concrete makes a good impression for your customers. Pressure washing your concrete from Clear View Pressure Wash is the perfect way to thoroughly clean your parking lot, sidewalk, or other concrete cleaning needs. Your concrete builds up contaminants over time, such as, dirt, oil, grease, mold, and gum. Many people don't know that concrete is extremely porous like a sponge, and your concrete absorbs many different contaminants that will slowly damage the integrity of your concrete. Clear View Pressure Wash uses pressure washing to completely cleanse the concrete from debris. We use high pressure, and special cleaning agents when needed, to clean deep into the porous surface of concrete. You will be amazed to see the transformation with the appearance of your concrete.

Building Washing

Clear View Power Wash can rejuvenate the appearance of your business without damage to your property. Our soft washing system is 100% eco-friendly and completely biodegradable. We never us high pressure on the side of your building. Soft washing is more effective than pressure washing. Also, high pressure could destroy the side your building. Our commercial grade soft washing equipment restores the material of your building which makes your business look professional to your customers.

Roof Cleaning

Protect your business. Start at the Top! Clear View Pressure Wash uses our soft washing method to thoroughly clean your roof. We will never use high pressure on your roof, so our soft washing method will never cause damage to your roof. When a roof is left untreated, serious damage can be done that can shorten the lifespan of your roof. Our soft washing system is 100% eco-friendly and completely biodegradable. Our soft washing method is a gentle, but an extremely effective method to thoroughly deep clean your roof. We will eliminate all mold, algae, moss, black streaks, and any other build up on your roof. Thoroughly cleaning your roof with our soft washing system on a regular basis with help increase the life of your roof. Also, your curb appeal will dramatically increase. Your customers will be pleased to see the transformation of your roof. Clear View Pressure Wash wants your satisfaction!

Clear View Pressure Wash serves within a 35mile radius of Williamston, South Carolina. We proudly serve Clemson, Pendleton, Anderson, Belton, Williamston, Pelzer, Powdersville, and Greenville SC. Area with your pressure washing and soft washing solutions. Start the process today by getting your free estimate. Click on the Free Estimate button or call us 864-209-6642. We will give you a free estimate within 48 hours. We will respond to your estimate by email, or by telephone when requested.


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