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The Effectiveness Of A Clean Roof

Your roof needs to be effective, and capable of serving its purpose. The purpose of your roof is to keep you safe, warm, and dry, and to protect your home from rotting away. Your roof is an extremely important part of your property, and it requires a soft touch from a professional. A roof that is regularly cleaned with our soft wash system will be more likely to endure hot summers and cold winters in Upstate South Carolina.

Our soft wash system helps your roof serve its functional purpose and boosts the curb appeal of your property. A clean roof will transform your entire home… And it starts from the very top. Take advantage of a spotless roof. Clear View Pressure Wash is proud to help our customers maintain the quality of their biggest investment.

Why Should I have My Roof Cleaned

Your roof shingles are a place that infests many unwanted pests, such as lichens and moss, which create unpleasant black stains on your roof. These problems make your home look unsightly and lowers the curb appeal. These organisms literally eat away your roof and eventually destroy it. Airborne Algae can begin to eat away the limestone filler that is in your shingles. The Airborne Algae will begin to multiply and spread which leads to your entire roof being infested. Roof moss feeds on the granules of limestone and shortens the life span of your roof. When this is left untreated, serious damage can be done to your shingles that will indefinitely shorten the lifespan of your roof. Furthermore, roof cleaning cost as little as 1% the cost of a roof replacement. Regular maintenance can double the lifespan of your roof.


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Our Roof Cleaning Service Works

Our soft wash system is a specialized roof treatment that is formulated to eliminate the different organisms that can be living on your roof. We specialize in removing the black stains from your roof. These black stains are sometimes called magma or moss. Our soft wash treatment will bring back the roofs original color before it became infested. Our soft wash treatment works from the roots and will ensure that these pests are properly obliterated. killing the root system causes the organisms to die and fall off your roof without damaging the limestone in your shingles.

Our soft wash roof cleaning service is a better alternative than replacing your roof. Even if your roof carries a multi-year warranty, the manufacturer will still recommend using a soft wash roof cleaning service. Soft Washing is not to be confused with pressure washing.

Clear View Pressure Wash’s soft wash system is the safest way to remove mold, algae, dirt, moss, bird droppings, mildew, and more from every shingle – without posing a threat to the quality of your home.

Clear View Pressure Wash serves within a 35mile radius of Williamston, South Carolina. We proudly serve Clemson, Pendleton, Anderson, Belton, Williamston, Pelzer, Powdersville, and Greenville SC. area with your roof cleaning solutions. Start the process today by getting your free estimate. Click on the Free Estimate button or call us 864-209-6642. We will give you a free estimate within 48 hours. We will respond to your estimate by email, or by telephone when requested.

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