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The Importance Of Clean Concrete

Pressure washing your driveway from Clear View Pressure Wash is the perfect way to thoroughly clean your driveway or other concrete surfaces. Your concrete driveways and sidewalks build up contaminants over time, such as, dirt, oil, grease, mildew, and mold. Many people don't know that concrete is extremely porous like a sponge, and your concrete absorbs many different contaminants that will slowly damage the integrity of your concrete. Also, when your concrete driveway and sidewalk builds up contaminants, it may become slippery. A thorough cleaning of your concrete, done with professional equipment, can minimize slip hazards. This is a hazardous situation, and your concrete will be thoroughly cleaned with Clear View Pressure Wash’s professional equipment.

Although a dirty driveway and sidewalk can make any property look ugly, your concrete driveway and sidewalk cleaned from Clear View Pressure Wash will sparkle. A clean concrete driveway and sidewalk makes your home standout. Furthermore, a clean driveway and sidewalk will increase your homes curb appeal and bring value to your investment. Concrete is resilient, but it gets dirty very quickly, Your concrete should receive a thorough cleaning every 6 months. Let Clear View Pressure Wash achieve a great first impression for your property.

Similarly, Your siding, roof, gutters, and patios need to be cleaned regularly. Your home receives relentless exposure to mother nature, vehicles, animals, and people. Take the time give your home the full treatment and make your home look its best.

Professionally Cleaned Concrete Matters

When people try to pressure wash their own driveways, they usually do not have commercial grade pressure washer or surface cleaner. Professionals spend over $10,000 for this trade equipment. Many People say, “the cleanliness is all in the equipment.” It is not cost effective to buy a pressure washer from a retail store with only mediocre performance. A pressure washer that is $400-$700 will not produce a thorough concrete cleaning.

Moreover, when a home owner cleans their driveway or sidewalk with a typical retail pressure washer, they usually think they can quickly clean their driveway. This usually takes the home owner hours upon hours of intense physical labor. Your back and shoulder are going to feel this. The results are a driveway that is little bit cleaner, but the driveway is still full of dirt, oil, and mold. Also, you are extremely exhausted from intense labor. Why does it take so many hours of intense labor? The reason is the home owner has a residential grade pressure washer and a lance. The home owner does not have professional equipment to thoroughly clean the porous concrete in a timely manner. They do not have the professional equipment to get water and pressure thoroughly in to the porous concrete.

Furthermore, most homeowners do not have the expertise to perform the job correctly. Knowing how to use a commercial grade equipment is extremely important. Zebra Stripes are formed when a person is not using the equipment correctly. Zebra Stripes are stripes left in the concrete where the concrete is not cleaned correctly. Also, scaring the concrete is common when a person is not trained properly. This leaves permanent streaks in the concrete. Pressure washing should be done by an experienced professional.

Concrete Cleaning Solutions

Our goal is to remove all your concrete discoloration. Clear View Pressure Wash uses a pressure washing system that has the power to eliminate everything from dirt to oil stains.

We take tremendous pride in delivering perfection. That’s why we combine the best commercial grade equipment, technology, cleansers, and method to thoroughly clean you concrete. After our services, you’ll have a clean and stain-free surface. You’ll have a driveway and sidewalk that is welcoming and clean. Every element of your property will deliver curb appeal!

Clear View Pressure Wash serves within a 35mile radius of Williamston, South Carolina. We proudly serve Clemson, Pendleton, Anderson, Belton, Williamston, Pelzer, Powdersville, and Greenville SC. area with your concrete cleaning solutions. Start the process today by getting your free estimate. Click on the Free Estimate button or call us 864-209-6642. We will give you a free estimate within 48 hours. We will respond to your estimate by email, or by telephone when requested.


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